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Commercial Window Film & Tinting

Our Commercial Window Tinting Applications

We understand different businesses require different products to perfectly fulfill their needs. We’ve worked with a multitude of commercial spaces including retail spaces, schools, office buildings, warehouses, hotels, and larger spaces with many windows. No matter the type of business location, we can treat your windows as needed. 

We offer commercial window tinting to meet any and all of your needs. These are some of the more popular selections for business owners.

Energy saving: This application can save up to 60% on your cooling and heating bills each month. Allow you to keep your clients and employees at a more comfortable temperature regardless of the outside conditions.

Decorative: Decorative window tinting is perfect for offices, we also offer window tinting for promotional purposes if required.

Security: This is particularly popular for retail spaces, our security film will hold the glass on your windows together preventing shatter, and making them near-impossible to break through, therefore, preventing possible break-ins.

Privacy: If you have a lot of windows in your space that gives your employees a “fish-bowl effect”, consider installing privacy film to keep your space more private, and your employees happy.

Glare reduction: This film will ensure that you have less glare reflecting on your electronic devices, this allows you to enjoy more natural light, without the annoying glare. Studies have shown that employees are far more productive in places that get more natural light, so this is a smart business move can be a big help.

UV protection: You may have been noticing that some of your products are succumbing to sun fade, because of the windows on your building, window tinting can be the solution. Our window tint blocks 99% of all UV rays that pass through your windows, compare this to the only 11% protection from other brands.

With these and many more options for Commercial window tinting, we offer the best of the best when it comes to window tinting. We only use the highest quality film, ensuring you won’t have any bubbling or peeling over time, which over time can take away from the functionality and aesthetic value. Also, we keep most of these films stocked at all times, allowing a quick and efficient installation once an order is placed.