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Industrial Aluminum Signs Decision Criteria

Standard, Brushed, Reflective: Which on is right for your company?

Aluminum is one of our strongest and most adaptable signage materials.

Its professional appearance makes it a perfect fit for both indoor and exposed locations. In addition to standard aluminum industrial signage, we offer brushed aluminum and reflective aluminum pending on your signage needs. Understanding the look and feel differences between our standard aluminum, brushed aluminum, and reflective aluminum will help you pick the material that best represents your company. We’ve compiled a rundown of major distinctive qualities between our different types of aluminum industrial sign creation.

They are broken down into categories below. Please enjoy!

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Standard Aluminum Industrial Signs

Our standard type aluminum industrial signs are rated for great durability that will last for many years to come. They are elegant and simple. This standard aluminum sign is one of the most cost-efficient aluminum sign we create, making it an extremely affordable signage solution for newer companies. The standard face of these aluminum signs is typically semi-gloss. Any additional paint that will be applied to these signs such as business name, logo, etc. will have a beautiful matte finish for better contracts. Our standard aluminum sign products are pre-sealed with coil-coated white paint on both sides of the sign. Once prepared, designs and images are then printed onto the direct surface of the aluminum itself. This allows us to create virtually any color of sign our partner whishes. Additional versatility is available as we can print on both sides of the signs.

Aluminium composite board

Standard aluminum sign products we offer are composed of a light plastic core called polyethylene. This is usually sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. This is commonly called dibond or e-panel. Based on years of extensive research, we’ve found that these signs are more appealing for industrial settings. These signs are more durable, lighter, portable, have clean edges, and overall – are more pleasing to the eye more so than old styles where companies use one sheet of aluminum.

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Brushed Aluminum Industrial Signs

Brushed aluminum offers a very modern and extremely attractive look that most companies prefer. Selecting Brushed over our standard is an upgrade that can drastically benefit the appearance of your factory, unit, business, or home.

brushed-metalDickson Graphic’s brushed aluminum industrial signs are well built, and are similar to the standard aluminum signs. The finished brushed product are typically at least be 3mm thick. These are thicker than our standard aluminum offerings. These signs are weather resistant, durable, and able to be displayed both in and outside. Proper sign care will promote a long life exceeding 5 years+.

Unlike our standard aluminum signage, our brushed line is not pre-sealed. We leave the natural aluminum look so that when it is brushed, it creates the beautiful industrial matte look our customers prefer.

This line of signs is a perfect solution for indoor lobby areas, sitting rooms, shops, factories, modern rustic interiors, and more. Our brushed aluminum signs offer a professional and modern look that will absolutely impress prospective clients, current customers, and guests of your business.

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Reflective Aluminum Industrial Signs

This is a hybrid product we love creating! These aluminum signs are highly reflective and extremely visible, especially at night. The difference between this product and our others is the printing process. This product requires an additional vinyl overlay that allows us more design and print freedom. Once this is complete, the vinyl will be securely adhered to the aluminum, resulting in an incredible looking aluminum sign.

We compose the special overlay with a glass bead process that allows us to create a highly-reflective surface without disrupting the look and feel of your brand or copy on the sign. It’s the best of both worlds in the sign industry. This type of sign is extremely durable, visible, and very professional looking. The capability for detail is endless. Under proper care, these signs will easily exceed 5+ years of life.

These signs can be used for parking lots, warning notices, safety, directions, roadside uses, and much more. These signs have a knack for drawing the attention of everyone near by. Dim lighting and dark areas are not an issue; these signs thrive with a glow in dark spaces.

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What is the best Industrial Sign Type For Your Company?

Now that you are educated on the different types, uses, and styles of signs available, we hope that you can make a confident decision on what is the best fit for your business.

Here is a quick summary of your options:

Standard aluminum signs: Simple solutions typically used in construction sites, businesses, parking lots, in homes, and more. Interior and exterior friendly.

Brushed aluminum signs: reception areas, lobbies, decoration, business interiors, exteriors, and more. Interior use recommended

Reflective aluminum signs: parking lots, exterior receiving and shipping areas, roadside, constructions sites, nighttime visibility locations, and more. Exterior use recommended.

Included below is a chart that helps describe some of the core differences a little better.

Aluminum Signs

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