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Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Advertising with vehicle wraps reaches a massive audience that may not be apart of traditional impression-based marketing channels like radios, tv, billboards, and more.Vehicle Wrap Advertising

In a recent study, those who commuted to work over long distances and drive times were more difficult to reach with impression based marketing like newspapers, magazines, and TV. How do you reach these people?  96% of Americans will travel in a vehicle as a driver or passenger each week minimum.

Online Advertisement Comparison:

Many companies like to advertise with companies like Yellow Pages or other similar companies. This will cost companies around $12,000 annually. In addition, they must keep paying to advertise in order for the exposure to be consistent. In addition, you will be on a shared platform in space where you competitors are also at trying to recruit new business.

This is not so with vehicle wraps. Not only is the average wrap around $1200 or less- it will last years and years without a need to consistently invest in the advertisings and intangible exposure it will bring your company.

Stats vs Billboards

3M published a recent study by the Traffic Audit Bureau that determined the effectiveness of fleet advertising (moving billboards). They utilized a system call Global Positioning in all of the trucks that counted traffic that was exposed to the advertisement.

This study showed that while a static / traditional billboard reached about 48k people a day – a moving fleet advertisement aka car wrap, was able to reach 40k per day. While the amount of exposure is very comparable, the cost associated with both strategies is not. The cost for fleet advertising and car wraps was exponentially lower than the billboards.

The Dickson Graphics IMPACT!

A recent poll shows that:

75% of consumers form impressions about a company based on car wraps and fleet graphics

90% of travelers notice fleet graphics on vehicles.

30% of consumers make buying decisions based on impressions they receive from company vehicles they see while driving.

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