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Is Your Business Compliant with ADA Sign Requirements?

The ADA was signed into law in 1990 as a method of prohibiting discrimination against individuals with disabilities. As a business owner, hopefully you have a general understanding of the requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). There are many accessibility features that a commercial building must include. But in this blog, we are discussing only the ADA sign requirements.   

Proper signage is included in the ADA to accommodate people with vision disabilities. So, It is important to know the sign requirements because even a hard-to-read sign can result in hefty fines. For example, the maximum penalty for a first-offense violation is $75,000. Additionally, disabled individuals can take legal action if they have difficulty gaining access to or navigating in your building. 

What Are the ADA Sign Requirements?

ISA - ADA Sign Requirements
International Symbol for Disability

In general, signs should have a matte, non-glare finish. Other requirements for signs depend on the purpose of the sign.  These requirements include the following:

  • Lettering that uses sans serif fonts (such as the Arial font)
  • Raised lettering (also called tactile characters). A sign with raised lettering should be hung so the bottom of the lowest tactile character is 48″ from the floor, and the base of the highest tactile character is no more than 60″ from the floor.
  • High contract between lettering and the background
  • Braille dots (required for all signs that designate a permanent space (such as a restroom)
  • Pictograms (e.g., the International Symbol for Accessibility) 

It is important to check the ADA requirements for more detailed instructions. Elevator signs, for example, have many detailed regulations. 


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