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Advertising with Vehicle Wraps

Are you wondering about advertising with vehicle wraps? Transforming your vehicle into a 24/7 advertising tool is a great idea for several reasons. In this blog we’ll explore those reasons.

Advertising with Vehicle Wraps

The Benefits of Advertising with Vehicle Wraps

Advertising Cost: The first and perhaps the best benefit is that a vehicle wrap is one of the most affordable means of advertising. Most advertising is measured by number of impressions (in other words, the number of times people see your ad). Considering the volume of cars on the road, your number of impressions should be very high. Even when you park your vehicle, it would be getting impressions. So, your cost per impression would be very low. (The cost per impression is calculated by dividing the cost of the advertising by the number of impressions.) 

Dual Purpose Advertising: Parking your vehicle in front of your business would also serve as an exterior sign for your business. In fact, business owners who cannot meet strict external sign requirements may wrap a vehicle for this exact purpose.

Compelling Statistics: Consider the following statistics concerning vehicle advertising wraps:

  • Mobile advertising reaches 85% of people at all levels of income.
  • Fleet vehicle wraps increase your business exposure 15 times greater than any other types of advertising.
  • More than 70% of people who commute say they have read vehicle advertising.
  • Vehicle wraps and graphics are currently the fastest growing form of advertising in the US – proof that it’s a successful strategy!

Dickson Graphics Is the Middle Tennessee Leader in Vehicle Wraps

You cannot go wrong with Dickson Graphics’ quality 3M vehicle wraps, design, printing, and 3M certified installation. Our talented and experienced team can work with your design or design a wrap specifically for your business. Give us a call today and start taking advantage of a prime advertising medium.