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Custom Sign Work in Nashville

At Dickson Graphics, we love doing custom sign work in Nashville and the surrounding area. Unique and custom work is right up our alley. Our talented designers really shine on custom projects. 

At Dickson Graphics, our aim is to produce great work for our customers. This starts with quality team members, quality materials, and quality tools to bring your project to life! Give us a call to discuss your projects

Custom sign work by Dickson Graphics

Custom Sign Work in the Local Area

We make some of the most unique custom shaped signs in the area. One great example is the guitar-shaped sign in the photo on the left. We made this sign for “Clio Con,” and it was more than a sign. It was a photo op for conference attendees. 

The photo to the right shows a customized sign made for Blenz Smoothie Bowls. In addition to the 3-D sign, we also printed and installed the complementary vinyl on walls and counter fronts. 

Other Custom Work

In addition to making unique signs, we’re not opposed to going beyond our usual job scope to get your project right! We offer the latest in unique materials and processes for out-of-the-box solutions. This includes wall murals, Di-Noc Architectural Film, vehicle wraps, and anything else we can wrap.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are one of our unique solutions that we offer for offices, schools, hotels, etc. What better place to showcase wall murals than in our own shop! In the photo below, the installer (in the lower left corner) is just starting to do the final trim along the floor. Of course, our in-house designers came up with the unique graphics, and we printed this wall mural on our wide format printer. 


Di-NOC Films are decorative surface finishing films that are available in a variety of designs at a fraction of the cost of replacing wood or metal panels. The photo on the right shows an L-shaped counter in a reception area that is coverer with a stone-looking Di-NOC pattern. A Di-DOC wood pattern covers the walls and ceiling in this area.

Vehicle Wraps

Customize your ride at Dickson Graphics! We can do a little or a lot. For example, we can wrap your entire car or just the bumper. Or as shown in the photo on the right, we can wrap just the back of your side mirrors and your door handles.

Maybe you just want a custom stripe as shown below in the photo on the left. Or how about sporting your vehicle’s logo on the hood.

Anything Else that Can Be Wrapped

We are up for any challenge. Give us your most unique project. If it can be wrapped, we can wrap it as you can see in the following examples.

Some of our more unusual wrapping projects are for guns, as seen in these photos:

This helmet wrap turned out like a million bucks . . . literally.

Wrapping this Suzuki boat motor in a camouflage design looks very sportsman-like. But we doubt that it will allow avid fishermen to sneak up on the fish (or hunters to sneak up on the ducks). 

And speaking of sporting goods, take a look at this fancy golf club. We guarantee it will make you look good even if you hook or slice the shot. Who will notice? All eyes will be on that fantastic looking wood.