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Customized Yard Signs – Not Just for Yards any More

Get a customized yard sign instead of a generic one.

Probably the most recognized yard sign is the red and white “For Sale” sign that you can buy at Home Depot. But yard signs have come a long way from that familiar sign. Customized yard signs are now an effective method for all of the following:

  • promoting special events – birthdays, anniversaries, graduations
  • advertising information about your offered products or services 
  • campaigning for a candidate
  • giving directions
  • announcing temporary conditions
  • soliciting employment (Help Wanted)
  • real estate promotion (for sale, for rent, open house, etc.)
  • advertising your web address or displaying a QR code

The relatively low cost and high effectiveness of yard signs are two factors that make them so popular with clients. 

How Customized Can a Simple Yard Sign Be?

We’re glad you asked that question. At Dickson Graphics, the customization options are more numerous than you might expect. We can create a yard sign using coroplast (corrugated plastic), PVC, and aluminum (popular for real estate signs). The sign itself can be different sizes and the orientation can be vertical or horizontal. Printing can be a single color, multi-color, or full color (as in a photo)*. The printing can be laminated with a glossy coating for scratch resistance and color enhancement. Additionally, the printing can be done on both sides or one side only. And finally, the wire stakes can also be different heights.

When a Customized Yard Sign Is Not Enough

Yard signs are excellent for temporary use, but if you need a more substantial sign, Dickson Graphics can produce that for you too. We realize there is a lot to think about when buying a sign. Let our marketing and graphic design team help you meet your business objectives. We have over years of experience designing and customizing signage for every possible situation.