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Interior Signage from Dickson Graphics Influences Customer Behavior

The expert graphic designers at Dickson Graphics know that color plays a powerful role in  evoking emotions and shaping behavior. When it comes to interior signage and commercial interior graphics, choosing the right colors can have a significant impact on how customers interact with your brand. The graphic designers at Dickson Graphics know how to use color to produce the results you want.

How Specific Colors Influence Behavior

Interior Signage - Colors Produce Results

In this blog, we explore the psychology of color and how it can influence customer behavior. Understanding the psychological effects of different colors allows businesses to use color strategically. Well designed signs can create the desired atmosphere and evoke specific emotions or behavior. 

Green: A Natural and Refreshing Color for Interior Signage

Green is a color that people associate with nature, growth, and health. It has a calming and refreshing effect. So it’s an ideal choice for signage in spaces such as spas, wellness centers, or eco-friendly establishments.

Red: For Energetic Attention-Grabbing Signs

The color red is a bold and attention-grabbing color associated with energy, excitement, and urgency. Red creates a sense of urgency or draws attention to information, sales promotions, or special offers. However, it’s essential to use red sparingly, as too much can be overwhelming or create a sense of alarm.

Blue: For Trustworthy and Calming Messages 

The color blue evokes trust and portrays reliability and professionalism. It has a calming effect on people. So it’s an excellent choice for signs in banks, healthcare facilities, or corporate offices.

Yellow: For Optimistic and Inviting Signage 

Yellow is a vibrant and optimistic color associated with happiness, warmth, and friendliness. It can create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage customers to feel positive about their experience. Yellow is a color that is good for retail stores, restaurants, and hospitality venues.

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