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The Outdoor Banner Printing Experts

Remember sitting outdoors at a beach and seeing a banner advertising a restaurant or shop? You went there because of that advertising. In Tennessee, outdoor banners are an effective way to advertise for special occasions too. We at Dickson Graphics are the outdoor banner printing experts for Nashville and Middle Tennessee. We have a full-service graphic design service to help you create the perfect banner for your business. Call us today for an appointment.

Advantages of Using Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners are a stylish way for businesses and organizations to advertise. They can add color to the front of your store and generate new interest if you change your banners to announce or advertise new events and sales.

Many Uses for Banners

Large banners are an effective way to bring in customers. At Dickson Graphics, our graphics and colors can make a big difference for out-dated storefronts. Our outdoor banners are fairly inexpensive and useful for the following:

  • Coming soon and grand openings
  • Businesses that are new to an area
  • Open houses
  • Realtors seeking to increase their number of customers
  • Special events. 

Banners are also effective for sporting events, school campuses, conferences, and trade shows.

Materials We Use for Outdoor Banner Printing

There are several different materials to use for a banner depending on its use and where it will be displayed. These are the best materials for outdoor banners.

Mesh Vinyl. Although this more expensive than standard vinyl, it will last for years. It is waterproof, fade resistant, and wind resistant. For a hanging banner this is the material you want.

Adhesive vinyl. These banners are perfect if you have a wall, window, or smooth surface for hanging. They are easy to install, washable, and reusable.

Call Dickson Graphics Today for Outdoor Banner Printing

Whether you need a banner or some other type of sign, Dickson Graphics is the place to call. We are a full service shop that guarantees your satisfaction.