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Why You Should Use the Same Local Sign Company for All Your Signs

A businesses or organization may need many types of commercial signs. It’s a good idea to have all your signs done by one local sign company. Why? – Because then you can have a consistent look for all your signs. Dickson Graphics is one of the leading commercial sign companies in Nashville

Dickson Graphics Is the Local Sign Company that Does It All

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At Dickson Graphics, we can make all the signs that a business or organization needs. Our graphic designers can work with you to design functional and attractive interior and exterior signage. All your signs will re-enforce the integrity of your brand. We serve businesses throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

Strengthening Your Brand with Signs

All your signs should reflect your brand. For example, if your logo is  green and blue, all your signs should have one or both of these colors in them. And the colors on the signs should be the exact same color. When you use different sign companies and order signs from the internet, there is usually no consistency. Often the colors on the signs do not match exactly. This detracts from your brand. Not only that, but it also sends a subconscious message that your business is somehow not quite up to par. 

Is It Time for Sign Renovation?

Do an inventory of all the signs you use. This should include exterior signs and interior signs. Exterior signs can include the sign for your building (on it, on a pole above it, etc.) as well as:

  • Signs in the parking lot
  • Signs on your grounds
  • Temporary banners

 Interior signs and graphics can include:

  • Lettering on doors, walls, or windows
  • Point of sale signs
  • Temporary banners
  • Wall murals
  • Wayfinding signs

For every sign or graphic, ask this question, “Does this reflect my brand?” If the answer is no, consider replacing it. Then give Dickson Graphics a call for a quote.