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Vehicle Window Tinting

Vehicle window tinting can serve a variety of purposes. These include heat reduction, glare reduction, UV protection, added privacy and security, and shattered glass protection. Dickson Graphics specializes in Dickson vehicle window tinting. We use the highest quality automotive window film from 3M. When we install it, it’s done right, with no bubble, and it stays on.

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Benefits of Tinting Vehicle Windows

Solar Heat Reduction: The sun can cause temperatures to build up in your car. But window tint is a great insulator . It can can reduce the amount of heat that builds up. 

Glare Reduction: Glare is a major annoyance when you are driving or even riding in a vehicle. Glare can also be a safety issue. Dickson Graphics provides a superior glare reduction film that will provide a safer driving experience and a more comfortable experience.

UV protection: We continue to learn more about the effects of UV rays. They can harm your health and deteriorate your vehicle’s interior and upholstery. So, vehicle window tinting is really an investment in the resale value of your vehicle. Our vehicle window tints block 99% of all UV rays that pass through windows.  

Privacy: Window tinting is an effective and easy way to provide privacy for occupants. It also provides some degree of security because it obscures valuables left in the car and high-target automotive accessories.

Shattered Glass Protection: Window tint can be a life-saver. In case of an impact, a window will shatter, but the window film will hold the pieces together. This protects occupants from pieces of glass shards.

Security: Our special 3M security film reduces the risk of break-ins. It has undergone rigorous testing to confirm that it can help hold your window together and slow down a thief attempting to enter your vehicle. Also it reduces the risk of a passenger being thrown through the window in an accident.

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