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Vehicle Wraps in Nashville 

A vehicle wrap is a large, vinyl graphic or decal applied directly (to all or some of) the painted surfaces of a vehicle. The wrap is not just for vehicles though, as you can see in the following photos of work done be Dickson Graphics.

In this blog, we discuss some of the reasons that people want vehicle wraps. 

Vehicle wraps show off your style

Showing Your Style with Vehicle Wraps

Some people just want their vehicles to look distinctive or have a one-of-a-kind color scheme. With vehicle wraps, the combinations of colors and designs are virtually limitless.

Saving Money on Repainting Your Vehicle

If you are considering repainting your car or truck, check with us first for the cost to wrap your vehicle. Repainting may be more expensive than a new wrap. If you need to clean up only a section of your vehicle, consider a partial wrap.

Protecting the Original Paint

The vinyl used for vehicle wraps protects the factory paint underneath, which also preserves the value of the vehicle. A wrap with paint protection film (PPF), available in matte or gloss, protects your vehicle from rocks and other debris while on the road.

Advertising and Marketing

No doubt you have seen very graphic advertising on a truck or car. In most cases, this is probably a vehicle wrap. If you have company vehicles on the road making calls or deliveries, it just makes sense to use those vehicles to advertise your business while they are out and about. It gives your business more visibility and supports branding. 

Dickson Graphics Is the Trusted Name for Vehicle Wraps in Nashville

Dickson Graphics has been doing vehicle wraps for years. We use the best vinyl (3M), and we have the best and most experienced installers. As a certified 3M distributor and a certified 3M installer, we can offer you the best price and the 3M warranty. Our wraps and graphics last for years with good care. If you need help with advertising, we can wrap your vehicle or create commercial signs for your facility. So, give us a call today.