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A Wall Mural Installation Can Transform Your Space

Wall Mural Installation at NES - Nashville

Is your office, lobby, reception area, or conference room lacking something? Do the walls look a little bare? Is the room uninspiring? Why not consider a wall mural installation?

Custom wall murals from Dickson Graphics can help make any area more impactful. Wall murals can achieve just the effect you want – drama, serenity, motivation, branding, whatever you need. Additionally, our ink technology allows us to create vivid and bold colors, no matter how big or small the mural.

The Design Process

The design process starts with what you as the customer want. Maybe you have a picture or a sketch of your idea. If you don’t, that’s okay, because our design artists can work with you to help you express what you want. Once your concept is established, we will give you several designs to consider. (Of course, we can also go back to the “drawing board” if nothing hits the mark perfectly.) Once you approve the design, we get to work on the final product.

The Production Process

We will come to your site to take exact measurements, which is an absolute must. We take into account the doors and windows that might be on the wall where the mural will be. Then we print your mural on the best vinyl in the industry using the best latex inks. The quality of your mural will be superlative. Finally, we apply the adhesive that is appropriate for your application – permanent, removable, or repositionable.

The Wall Mural Installation Process

Before installing the mural, we check your walls to make sure they are not painted with oil-based paint. We also inspect the walls closely for dents or rough spots. After performing any wall prep that is necessary, we install the mural. 

Let Dickson Graphics Design a Wall Mural Installation for You 

Contact us to help you transform your space with a wall mural. You won’t believe the difference it will make! If a wall option is a little more than you want, we can work with you to design other types of commercial signage that would be less expensive and still achieve the effect you are goin for.