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Signs for Lobbies and Reception Areas

Most commercial buildings have lobbies or at the least a reception area. Because this area is the first point of contact with your clients, the signs for lobbies need to be professional looking and informative. In addition to signage, the area needs to be inviting and well decorated.

Dickson Graphics Has All the Answers for You

Dickson Graphics can make and install any type of interior signage you need at a reasonable price. We also print and install “wall wraps.” A wall wrap can change a plain-looking lobby or reception area into an “experience” or express a message to your patrons.

Another 3M product, called DI-Noc®, is an architectural film that can transform surfaces much less expensively than replacing the surfaces with wood, marble, metal, etc. For example, the photos below show surfaces that look like wood. But what you are actually seeing is DI-NOC® film. Dickson is a 3M Authorized and dealer and installer for this product.

 Call Dickson Graphics for a quote. You’ll get the best value, the best quality, and the best installation from us. 

Types of Signs for Lobbies

Depending on the size of the lobby and the nature of the business the type of signs you need may include the following:

Identity Signs for Reception Areas

Signs for lobbies

This type of sign should always be in a lobby or reception area. These signs could display: 

  • the company name
  • the company logo
  • partner or associate names
  • product names

Directional Signs 

Directional signs, also called “wayfinding” signs, point the way to:

  • elevators
  • restrooms
  • exits
  • stairways

Marque Signs for Lobbies in Large Buildings

Marque signs are typically large signs, such as:

  • a list of building occupant names with floor number and/or room numbers
  • “You are Here” signs 

Signs for Lobbies with Special Rooms

Any room that has a special purpose is a candidate for a door sign, such as the following:

  • Restroom
  • Conference Room
  • Mechanical Room
  • Supply Room

Sign Media and Design

Interior signs can be created with different media, such as metal, wood, acrylic, PVC, and vinyl. Sizes, colors, shapes, and styles make the number of possible designs endless. The graphic designers at Dickson Graphics can create unique, customized signs that meet all your needs.